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AYURCONNECT is a global, inclusive, and diverse community of innovators, clinicians, and investors. Members come from startups, universities, MNCs and represent all sub-domains of health innovation brainstorming sessions on AYUSH Innovation topics where professionals from the field share their new ideas and innovative thinking with others, and a panel of experts watches these talents to identify some of them to develop further. such as:

  • To innovate tools for appropriate application of conventional science and technology to understand, decode, expand and further develop traditional knowledge for contemporary use in the public interest.
  • Innovations and new ideas aiming to bridge the gaps between traditional AYUSH knowledge systems, and the contemporary conventional knowledge practice, which is essential to promote integration and mainstreaming of AYUSH systems in national health care programs.
  • Innovations to bridge the gap between AYUSH knowledge practice and the people of the country, disseminating information and generating awareness among the masses.
  • Innovations in public service delivery.
  • Innovations required to develop new products, new services, and markets, reduce costs, better efficiency, productivity, performance and quality.
  • New Diagnostic tools
  • New technologies in Drug development
  • New technology in therapies
  • Innovative methods of Ayurvedic preparations

Who Are We

We connect innovative health startups to key decision-makers and clinicians globally.

What We Do

We create opportunities for professionals to connect, discover and directly chat with potential partners for mutual goals around consulting, commercialization, fundraising, Mentoring and investigating or validation to help you succeed.

Who Can Join

Clinicians, Health Start-up’s, Innovators, Consultants, Investors, Pharma, and marketing professionals.

With AYURCONNECT, you can Discover and Connect with your ideal partner Faster and Further to develop strategies to promote this movement through identifying innovation opportunities and by creating ‘Innovation Ecosystems’ with the ultimate goal of bridging gaps in our knowledge and converting knowledge into service of the people for better life and health.

– Plug resource gaps quicker
– Uncover synergies with similar firms

– Build a career beyond medicine
– Co-create around unmet needs
– Give back by mentoring & investing

– Get early access to opportunities globally
– Address FOMO (Fear of missing out)
– Discover insights for M&A around existing portfolio

Are you looking to collaborate with AYURCONNECT then join the group as categories?
1. Co-Creation

2. Consulting

3. Commercialization

4. Mentoring

5. Investment

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